Imposter Syndrome, Goals and Salon Moves

Ok so the fortnightly blog post idea didn’t exactly go to plan!! I have to say I blamed it on being too busy on the run up to Christmas but if I’m being truly honest with you (which I intend to be) it was that god awful imposter syndrome kicking in.  After I put up the first blog post the thoughts came battering through my head like a little evil being attacking me saying “who do you think you are? what makes you think people want to listen to you? Yadayadayada. 

And I listened to that evil little voice!! I did think that! 

Why would people want to read what I have to say? I really don’t have an answer for that because I have no idea if people will read my blog posts but if I’ve learned anything in 2022 its to start thinking about what makes me happy, what I want to achieve in 2023 and stop caring what anyone thinks about you and this blog is something that I want to be consistent with.

So with that said, I’m going to talk about my goals for the year ahead……

Last night I was on my phone looking for an old picture of my gran and I was scrolling back and realised I hardly took any photos at all last year.  Now I’m not really one that takes hundreds of photos everywhere I go but I do like to document certain times that we have together like birthdays, holidays, events etc but I hardly took any photos at all and I got really upset over it.  Emma was born in February 2022 and it took us until August to get a family picture of the 6 of us together and it was only because we were at a family wedding.  I get so stuck in my head about what I look like or if the house is a mess then I cant take a picture for what others will think and again that little voice comes in.

I have started speaking to family, friends and clients about this and it is crazy how many of us suffer with this.  Why do we allow what other people think to bother us so much?  My granda always says “the people who you think are thinking negative thoughts about you are also thinking that people are thinking negative thoughts about them” and its so true!! People are so wrapped up in what others think about them that we don’t enjoy the simple things in our lives like taking pictures so one of my goals to add to the list this year is…… take and be in as many pictures and videos as you can, they’re not for anyone else to see anyway so why bother about what you look like.

2022 was an amazing year for the salon and I still need to pinch myself that all these clients come for me.  I honestly thought after going on maternity leave, I would be starting from scratch again because people wouldn’t wait that long to return for a wax, but I was so overwhelmed when I came back and almost every client came back to me.  Deciding to move the salon was something that came as quite a shock to most of my clients and honestly, I didn’t plan it either but when opportunities come into your lap, I think you need to just take the risk and think about where it might go.  I absolutely love what I do in the salon, but my passion is teaching! I achieved my Level 3 Award and Education in 2018 and carried out training at my previous employer and I can’t explain to you the feeling it gives me passing on my knowledge and guidance to others and seeing them becoming successful with it. So when Leanne from All Eyes on Me approached my with an offer of renting a space from her and sharing her training academy it’s a step up to where I want the business to go.

We are moving in this week, and I will keep you all updated on the social pages with how its going

Much Love

Laura xx

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